Sunday, January 25, 2009

See Are Vee to Char Lot T 4 Winter Short Track Race #2

OJ and I jumped in the newly enhanced CRV and traversed la speedy pave to Charlotte for a 2nd hit of the Winter Short Track Series......on this NOT so Sunday. Cold again, but less wind. And.....they ran out of pasta before I could get any!

I raced the Sport category and placed 13th, mind you after a 90 mile and 5 hour road ride on Saturday. I was cross-eyed and outside-of-myself with only 6- hours of sleep between the madnesses.

I can do better. OJ got some great picts of my ride today.

Monday, January 19, 2009

1st race of the seaon results with a win!

My teammate, and good friend OJ Simpson, and I traveled to Charlotte, NC for some short track mountain bike racing. This was my very first short track race and an event that I wanted to try since last year. Since it was my first short track race, I raced the beginner category. OJ says "I'm expecting you to win".

The race was 30 minutes (and 7 laps) around a 1-mile mountain bike trail. Part of the coarse near the start/finish line include grass, sidewalk and parking lot......then back into the woods for the single track.

Leading the pack up to the start/finish line on top of a big gear.

After 3 laps I was away with a 15 second lead. I maintained that lead and eventually increased the gap to 30 seconds.

I increased the gap. OJ claims that I finished a minute ahead of 2nd place. A great way for me to start the season.

See ya!

Thursday, January 1, 2009